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G5 SmartBox HF Occupancy Sensor

G5 SmartBox HF Occupancy Sensor


Embodying the sleek design of our G5 range, the Smartbox presents a seamless 2-in-1 solution that's both aesthetically pleasing and innovative.

This low-profile junction box enables the connection of your heater to the power grid and can accommodate any of four sensors or switches. Simply install the Smartbox between your power supply and heater to gain control of most Striking Energy heaters.

The HF Occupancy Sensor is not your normal PIR Sensor.  The High-Frequency signal works the same as radar and it can sense distance.  You set the distance and the heater will only switch on when someone is in the zone thus preventing unnecessary movement detection


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- Set the distance for 2, 4 , 6 and 8 meter

- Automatic off duration between 5 and 60 minutes

- Automatically reset the timer when movement detected

- On of Switch for any of our heaters (3kw or less)

- Wall Mounted in the colour of your heater"

Technical Specifications

- Operating Voltage: 220-240 V AC ~, 50/60 Hz


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