Exciting times ahead...

We are moving on 12 - 15 Dec into our new permanent home (just opposite from our old factory). This new space allows for a number of exciting product and services coming in 2024!
New Address is:
Unit 14, Sac's Centre, 11 Muscat Road, Saxenburg Industrial Park, Rustdal, CPT.

We are proud.

At the heart of our operations, we passionately create Infrared Heaters, blending superior quality, unparalleled durability, and exceptional serviceability. By meticulously sourcing and integrating only the  best components, we craft heating systems that stand the test of time.

Why do we uphold such rigorous standards?

Because we're not just manufacturing heaters. We're cultivating a belief in longevity, in sustainability. We shun the concept of disposable, low-quality imports that burden both your pocket and our planet. We're here to change the narrative, to create heaters that endure, reducing waste, saving resources, and safeguarding your investment.

G5 Glow range

Introducing the new G5 Glow heater range, designed to bring functionality and modern style together. With sleek lines, smooth curves and a premium finish, this heater range is the perfect addition to any modern space. 

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Inverter friendly heaters

We're thrilled to announce that some of our heaters are now engineered to seamlessly
integrate with your solar-inverter system.

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G5 Go - Unimount system

This innovative bracket system allows you to mount your space heater in multiple locations, giving you the flexibility to heat any space evenly and effectively.

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Ambiente Floor heater

Introducing our newest addition to our home heating solutions – the Ambiente Floor Infrared Heater. 

With a sleek and slimline design, this heater is easy to move around and fits seamlessly into any living space.

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Sunkare smart heater

An exquisitely crafted heater complete with built-in controls and an IP65 rating for ultimate durability.

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Our core design beliefs

Striking Energy has been providing distinctive heating solutions to the
South African market since 2009.

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Some of our Clients

We supply thousands of clients in diverse sectors. Mining, Agricultural, Educational, Residential, Restuarants etc.