Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose infrared heating?

Traditional heaters heat and dry out the air, and therefore also your skin. It takes long for the room temperature to rise, and even longer for our bodies to be comfortable. This means that heat and electricity is wasted, at a high cost to the user. Gas heaters and fireplaces also emit carbon emissions.

Infrared heaters do not dry out the air or your skin, as heat penetrates the object or person where the “light” touches. It provides instant, focused heat. With infrared heat you feel comfortably warm within only a few minutes. Almost no electricity is wasted, so you save money while getting warm. Infrared is also clean energy, emitting no carbon emissions or dangerous UV radiation.


How effective is infrared heating?

Infrared heating is far more effective than traditional heaters as it converts very close to 100% of the electricity to heat. You heat the person or object, not the air. Over time the room will also heat up, as infrared gets absorbed and reflected just like visible light.


Isn't heating with electricity very expensive?

If you use a traditional electrical heater, you may find that it is expensive to run. That is because these heaters do not provide instant heat. 

Infrared heating takes only about 25% of the cost to run compared to LPG gas, but without any of the dangers or risks associated with gas heating.


Do Striking Energy heaters perform better than other brands?

Striking Energy manufactures the only heater in South Africa that carries a 5 year warranty on our main models, and it will never rust or degrade.

The reason we can give this warranty is because: 

  • we use only very thick, high grade aluminium and stainless steel
  • we do not use cheap, imported materials
  • all part are always available


Does infrared heating pose a health risk or have side effects? 

Infrared radiation is very safe for humans and animals. It emits no ultraviolet (UV) radiation, the kind that causes sunburn and has a risk of cancer. There are studies that suggest infrared can even be beneficial to your health, promoting detoxification, blood circulation and motor functions, and reducing chronic fatigue, pain and stiffness, among many others. You should howerver refrain from continuously staring at the element when switched on (we recommend that you always install it above 1.8 metres).


Can I use Ruby in my home?

We never recommend that any Ruby red infrared element is used in a home, as is has a very bright red glare that is normally not very pleasant. We therefore recommend that Ruby only be used in industrial settings that meets certain conditions.


For home use we will always recommend the Gold/DarkMatter/Ceramic range, as they have a softer or no glow.  

Can I leave the heater switched on for long periods? 

You can leave your Striking Energy heater switched on for as long as you need. There is no danger that the heater will get damaged from long periods of usage. The elements have a rated lifetime of 5000 hours, so you will not burn out the element simply by having it switched on for hours on end.


Can the heaters be mounted horizontally and vertically?

You can install your Striking Energy heater in any position you need, be it horizontally, vertically or somewhere in between. Installing your heater in a horizontal position does however prolong the life of the element.


Can I mount an infrared heater on the ceiling?

You can mount your Striking Energy heater anywhere you need, including walls, ceilings, pillars or even have it suspended, as long all safety precautions are followed as supplied in the user manual.


Can the heaters be used in the bathroom?

Striking Energy heaters are designed to be used in humid areas. You can use our heaters in bathrooms and even saunas and steam rooms, but never in direct rain.


Can the heater temperature be adjusted? 

Yes, you can control the temperature when fitted with a dimmer. These range from Bluetooth to RF (like your TV remote) to rotary knob operated dimmers.

The dimmers control the amount of electricity, which manages the heat and brightness. It can also mean a lower running cost.


How can I calculate/estimate my cost of operation?

The model number on your Striking Energy heater includes the wattage, for example our G4 1500 G equals 1500 watt (or 1.5 kilowatt).

Eskom’s tariff is charged in units of kWh (that is 1000 watts per hour) that ranges from around R1.00 to 1.80 depending on your area. You can calculate the cost as follows

Wattage x Tariff = Running cost.


How far from the heater can/should I be for optimal results? 

A single element Striking Energy heater should be mounted between 1,8 and 2,4 metres. This will result in an effective heating area of approximately 4 x 4 metres (16 metres2).

A double element heater should be mounted between 2,4 and 4 meters, with an effective heating area of approximately 6 x 6 metres (36 metres2).

Below the recommended heigh will normally be too hot, and mounting above the recommended height becomes less effective, even more so the higher you go.


Is the heater subject to wear and tear? 

Striking Energy heaters are made from high grade aluminium and stainless steel. The only serviceable part on the heater is the element.

Annual cleaning of the reflector will keep your heater running at optimal efficiency.


How long is the warranty on the heaters?

Our heaters carry the following warranties:

  • 5 year warranty on our G4 range
  • 2 year warranty on our G3 range
  • 1 year warranty on all electronics


How long is the lifetime of the element and can it be replaced?

The halogen (Gold/Ruby/DarkMatter) elements have a rated lifetime of 5000 hours. The ceramic elements have a rated lifetime of 5000 hours. This should give you many years of heat.

When the element does reach its end of life, you can easily get a replacement element from us and even replace it yourself by following the steps in the instruction manual.