Comparing our Space heaters

All our G4 models share a number of common features, but understanding the differences is important to select the appropriate model

Element Type

The biggest differentiator between the models is the type of element used.  The G4 is available in 3 element types 

Wattage (and length)

The G4 is available in different wattages.  Watt is a measurement of energy usages and is directly related to the heat you feel from the heater. 

The higher the wattage the warmer the heater or the larger the area it coveres

900 (Single) or 1800 (Twin) watt
Amber and RubyRed
1000, 1500, 2000 (Single) and 3000 (Twin) watt

Body Colour

Powder coated StoneBlack or Pebblegrey/Beige

We also do special colour requests with appropriate volume / cost