Comparing our Space heaters

All our G4 / G5 models share a number of common features, but understanding the differences is important to select the appropriate model

Element Type

The biggest differentiator between the models is the type of element used.  The G4/G5  is available in 3 element types 

Halogen (Gold and RubyRed)
A halogen infrared heater is, like a normal halogen lamp, filled with halogen gas. It has a high element temperature and a high output. This gives a slightly shorter service life, but it is unbeatable for locations where the installation has to be further away from whatever is to be heated. Halogen infrared heaters are brighter because of the higher temperature. The heat is direct and very effective.

The heat output on both is equal.  The Amber coating is more expensive and emit less glare and a softer amber colour. 

Carbon infrared heater got its name because the elements are made of carbon fibre, just like Edison's first light bulb. The characteristics of the lamp give longer service life and lower element temperatures. This gives softer radiant heat and can be experienced as warmer. Tests have shown that a carbon infrared heater heats the skin more efficiently and is therefore experienced as warmer despite a lower output.

Wattage (and length)

The G4 / G5 is available in different wattages.  Watt is a measurement of energy usages and is directly related to the heat you feel from the heater. 

The higher the wattage the warmer the heater or the larger the area it covers

900 (Single) or 1800 (Twin) watt

Gold and RubyRed
1000, 1500, 2000 (Single) and 3000 (Twin)

Body Colour

Powder coated FerroBlack or Pebblegrey.

* We also do special colour requests with appropriate volume.