2 kW SlimSSR Dimmer

2 kW SlimSSR Dimmer

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2Kw SlimSSR dimmer

Control the heat output of your single element heater using reliable Solid State Relay Technology in a small low profile stainless steel case.


- Lower your heater's electricity usage
- On/off switch and heat control knob (0 - 100%)
- Finely control your comfort level
- Can be retrofitted to a heater
- Surface mountable with standard wall plugs


  • 2 kw Max power
  • 150mm (Height) x 150mm (Width) x 45mm (Depth)
  • 230v, 50 Hz
  • Surface mount with adequate ventilation

For use with:

2 x 1000 watt heaters
1 x 1500 watt heaters
1 x 2000 watt heaters