The Striking Energy heater difference

What makes Striking Energy G4 range different from others?

The G4 is our fourth generation of heaters.  Each model improved on the previous one resulting in the G4 as our flagship model. With our combined 12 years of dedicated Infrared heater experience we can proudly say the G4 is one of the best designed Infrared heaters in the world.

Some of our outstanding futures are:

  1. Our heaters are SANS/IEC 60335 approved.  A legal requirement for all heaters sold in South Africa and an independent  assessment of our high standards on safety and quality
  2. We only using Stainless Steel and Aluminium in our construction. This is the cornerstone for our 5 year warranty as these 2 metals do not rust.  The paint on Mild steel can’t handle the frequent expansion and contraction and eventually start to rust.  Aluminium also is better in heat dissipation
  3. Only heater in SA using best in class Miro reflectors (Imported from Germany). This reflector reflects a proven 95% off IR emitted.  Only 5% of energy is thus absorbed by the heater. Objects are heated and not the air.  IN fact our own testing showed that our G4 range outperform all heaters in South Africa based on heat output.
  4. Locally manufactured.  We support local Industry, critical in today’s economy.  Parts will always be available.  We believe and stand by our product quality.
  5. Our elements used are Replaceable and our heaters serviceable.  Most imported heaters are designed not to replace the element.  Importers don’t always keep stock.  We do not believe in a “weggoi” society
  6. Backward compatible elements since Model G1. We stick to a standard length and type so that you will always have the latest element technology available when replacing
  7. Maintenance Free,  gas heaters must legally be serviced annually.  Our heaters just need a cleaning of the reflector from dust and replacing the element when needed.
  8. Our heaters and packing  are 98% manufactured from of recyclable materials thereby creating a sustainable future.