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The Infrared difference

Think of an infrared heater as a floodlight

The size of the heater is not equal to its heat output

Infrared heat is light. The actual wattage of the element, as well as the effective reflection of the heat, determine the heat you feel. A small source with a bright LED is much brighter than a large old torch.

The reflector is a critical component

The heat generated by the element must be reflected onto objects. Our Miro TM reflector has as a tested reflectibility of 96%. That means nearly all heat generated leave the heater body as reflective heat.

The height of the heater determine the size area

Our reflectors determine the heated area. The higher you install the heater the larger, but cooler the heated area.


You warm people, not the room

You do not want to heat up "the room". We don't care if "the room" is getting cold. We worry more if you, your family and guests are getting cold. You use Infrared heat the same as you use a light. Switch on when you there - switch off when not. The heat is instant. That's how you save energy.

Infrared has a dark side…

As with any light, there is a "shadow side". If you look at the heater your back is not getting heat. In some situations e.g. patio you want to either have the heat from above (that is why the 12 o clock sun feels warmer) OR from both sides.